Value Selling – the Business Case as Sales Instrument

Every customer is different! Communicate his benefits also in monetary terms and develop your partnership with your customer.

Develop business plans: The evaluation of the economic consequences of decisions, are an indispensable instrument of managerial decision-making.

Influence buying decisions: In the sales process of complex products and solutions especially in the business customer environment (B2B) business case considerations can impact relevantly buying decisions.

Develop jointly: The joint development of a business case specifically for this customer often enforces the intensive debate of the situation between customer and sales representatives.

Strengthen the business partnership: The benefits of a business case are extremely multi-layered: they reach from full financial transparency (listing investments, estimating risks, forecasting cash flows, etc.) to strengthening the business partnership of seller and buyer.

  • You gain this decisive competitive advantage in the sales process through the systematic use of customer specific business case calculations.
  • You learn the methods and procedures of customer specific business cases, i.e. strategy, terminology, modelling, presentation.
  • You will be enabled to develop business cases jointly with customers, to discuss them and to transparently and comprehensibly communicate the win-win situation.
  • You will considerably improve and systematically document business cases, and present them attractively, unerringly and originally.