Power, Sensuality and Transcendence

Develop your own balance between the outside, the inside and the whole

Lead and manage a large number of parallel processes: Continuous change, increasing complexity and disruptive discontinuities with ever increasing dynamics are the constants in companies and organizations. In addition to the daily business, reorganizations, innovation projects and the implementation of other change processes are often on the agenda simultaneously.

Maintain your own ability to perform and your motivation: The challenge for every manager is to manage the tasks without compromise or loss of one’s own performance and motivation. This applies not only in the professional, but also in the private, and ultimately in the personal sphere.

Discover the personal importance of your own motives: Power, sensuality and transcendence in their threesomeness are the essential drivers of a leader – the specific consideration of each of these three elements distinguishes leading from managing.

The three emperors of the Staufer dynasty – Friedrich I „Barbarossa“, Heinrich VI and Friedrich II „Stupor Mundi“ – will accompany through the seminar.