I offer a series of seminars in which my own experiences from working life guide through topic and content and which I continuously improve through further trainings and self-study. The seminars are highly interactive so that participants can contribute their own topics and challenges.

My seminars can be broadly classified into three categories:

  • seminars with the focus to initiate innovation and change and to shape and implement them in the given context e.g. “From Idea to Innovation” and “Change, Transition and their Management”,
  • seminars with the focus to deliver special contents and arrange these in a practical context e.g. “Value Selling– the Business Case as Sales Instrument” and “Successful Market and Product Management”,
  • seminars with the focus to develop personality and apply this development further in the context of forthcoming challenges e.g. “Power, Sensuality and Transcendence” and “Glass Bead Game or Drawing from all Sources”.

Here you’ll find the complete current seminar portfolio.

All seminars are offered in English or German.