Effective Innovation Culture and Innovation Management

An effective organizational culture is the basis for innovativeness.

Recognize key characteristics of an innovation culture: The culture of an organization is unique, and the palette of traits that characterizes an innovation culture is polychrome, but above all colorful and dazzling. What for the one is the ne plus ultra, may for the other be a mere irritation. But there are some characteristics that are essential for an innovation culture.

Analyze adaptation options: Certain characteristics of an organizational culture define the organization. Changing those would destroy the character and that what makes the organization unique. Other characteristics simply happened to have emerged as a matter of habits.

Customize innovation culture: Every organizational culture is unique, and abstract traits such as “Freiraeume”[1], empowerment, etc., need to be adapted to the specific culture of an organization.

Integrating traits: Newly defined and desired traits are to be coherently and harmoniously integrated into the organizational culture. Often distinctive perseverance is necessary to deal with obstacles and resistance. As ever so often, an open and honest communication is the best weapon.

  • You get to know the most important characteristics of an innovation culture.
  • You will learn to analyze your organizational culture and check its ability to innovate.
  • You will learn to adapt the fundamental characteristics of an innovation culture to your requirements.
  • You will find out how to incorporate these characteristics in your organizational culture.


[1]:   The German noun Freiraeume refers to what is ordinarily called „free space,“ and also what is called „room for ideas“, “room for self-actualization” and the likes. Freiraeume refers to the kind of opportunities given, that allow to pursue activities that are not on the specified agenda e.g. to create and follow up with new ideas.