From Idea to Innovation – Successful Marketing of Inventions

Innovation is essential for survival,
but someone has to pay for it …

Recognize interests: Between inventors, decision makers and organizations inevitably a tension emerges that arises from pursuing different interests.

Communicate ideas and inventions: An idea only becomes an innovation when it is successfully launched in the market. This requires a common „language“ which all of them understand – the inventors, decision makers and organizations.

Integrate perspectives: The perspectives of inventors, decision makers and organizations will be integrated in a business model, which enables a common „language“ and communication platform for the tension field and ensures that the right questions can be asked and answered.

Classify information possibilities: In the different phases of innovation different information will be required or expected and are available or retrievable, respectively.

  • You will receive a comprehensive, well-founded, well-structured introduction to innovation management.
  • You will learn how to develop your invention into a business model.
  • You will learn to combine the different elements of a business model, and find out which modules are available to you.
  • You will be introduced to the fundamental innovation instruments.