21. Mai 2015: “Creating an Innovative Culture: The Essence of Understanding, Designing and Shaping”

Aspire PastedGraphic-5ASPIRE Conference: How far can we go?, Krakow, Poland


Innovation is the lifeblood of enterprises. Without innovation they stall in their development, become vulnerable to competition and are eventually bound to vanish from the market.

Innovation comes in two distinctive traits: it may be continuous, incremental, sustainable – or it may be groundbreaking, revolutionary, disruptive.

Digging into big data and mining for information is a valuable tool for predicting future behaviour. By extrapolating from historical data the likely “behavioural” future is predicted with more precision than ever before.

On a personal level we are offered what we believe we want. And because of this – for reasons of convenience and comfort – it becomes ever less likely that our behaviour is NOT as predicted.

By this means we enter into a spiral of ever self-fulfilling prophecy.

This has far reaching implications, however, in terms of disruptive innovation. To think OUTSIDE of the box becomes a more conscious, reflective, and intentional process.


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January 16th, 2013: “Innovation: Requirements and Opportunities in the Middle East”

Presentation with Reception at the German Embassy in Riyadh

With his presentation on innovation Dr. Weis made his audience reflect and discuss, but also smile. He is exellently prepared, finds the right tune and enriches with numerous examples from his practical experience. His presentation has been an enriching start for ourseries of presentations at the embassy in Riyadh and is highly recommended.
Dieter Walter Haller, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

April 17th, 2012: “Ten Theses to Innovation”
aaaaaaaPresentation at RoundTable: Innovation Management
aaaaaaaaaat VW in Wolfsburg, Germany